What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relatively new profession and as such some people don't know a lot about it or indeed think it's similar to therapy, and yes, while there may appear to be some similarities to an outsider, coaching and therapy are very different.

Coaching focuses on helping people move forwards in their lives. We fully recognise that there are times when we need to spend some time with the past, but in essence it's about personal growth which enables you to move forwards. Coaching is an interactive process based on clarifying and achieving outcomes, which is why I'm all about helping people to become the best version of themselves; empowering my clients to achieve goals in their personal and professional lives, by taking action.

The second most popular question I get when I speak about NLP Coaching, is... yes, you guessed it, "What is NLP?" .....Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most powerful methodologies for helping people to make dramatic shifts in their lives. NLP is a set of models and principles used to describe the relationship between mind, language (verbal and non-verbal) and the body. NLP is the study of human excellence and subjective experience, it transforms the way people think and act to have the greatest impact both professionally and personally. (from my wonderful trainers at MindBridge Trainings, Marilou and Jerry Seavey)

Please contact me at lindabonnarlifecoach@gmail.com if you have any questions at all about Coaching, NLP Coaching or if you'd like a free consultation.