Future Leaders Coaching focuses on equipping our young adults with a range of skills, tools, and techniques to deal with challenges confidently and move successfully in their lives. It’s about empowering our youth to become the drivers of their own success.

With over fourteen years of experience working in Education, Linda knows young people. She knows the challenges they face and knows how important it is for our next generation to develop greater self-awareness, to become even better self-managers, to possess confidence, to show courage and demonstrate resilience.

As a Future Leaders Coach, Linda works within educational organizations and one-to-one with private clients. She creates a range of bespoke workshops designed to empower your future leaders while suiting your time, objectives and budgets. To find out more about how Linda can support emerging leaders in your organization, or your teenage son/daughter in the privacy of their own home.

Popular Future Leaders Coaching sessions delivered by Linda:

  1. Driving your own Success in School & Beyond
  2. Going from Good to Great
  3. Senior Student Smart Sessions
  4. Goal-setting
  5. Activating Happiness
  6. Getting Things Done
  7. Surviving Exams


Linda has also created a range of online courses for students through the Naviture Leadership Academy. Click here for more information http://www.naviture.org/