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Marilou SeaveyMindBridge NLP Master Trainer & Coach MindBridge Trainings USA & UAE

Linda Bonnar is a breath of fresh air. As a Professional NLP Coach, she is caring, perceptive and able to identify exactly which questions will take her clients to their personal resources. Having observed Linda assist in the MindBridge NLP Coach/Practitioner Certification Training I can testify to her insight and wisdom. This is a woman who will contribute to the lives of everyone she engages with, I am grateful to know her.

Hamzah ShalchiRegional Manager at Guardian Wealth Management

"A guest speaker at our recent end of quarter event. Working within an industry that is quite intense and can be stressful at times, it was really refreshing to have insight from someone so calm and positive. Linda spoke about stress management, how to communicate effectively with clients and how to build trust, which are all really useful and relevant aspects of our work. I would definitely recommend Linda for any corporate event and hope we can have her back soon.’’

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Just Three Ways to Increase Your Self-confidence

What I find when I work with my clients on this particular issue, is that self-confidence doesn’t affect ALL areas of our lives at all—only some of them. Some of us might be terrified of speaking in public but have no problem cooking a four-course meal for 20 people. And if you’re confident in some …

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Just Three Ways to Deal with a Difficult Boss

Unless you plan on quitting your day job and becoming your own boss, it’s in your best interest to develop a better relationship with the person you report to at your job. And if just uttering those words makes you want to cry, then there are just three things you can do instead… Relabel them …

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Just Three Things Successful Leaders do

Know thyself– Socrates Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom– Aristotle To grow yourself, you must know yourself– John C Maxwell There are a plethora of quotes flooding the internet on leadership and the characteristics of a successful leader. But regardless of the attributes these quotes highlight or identify, good leadership all begins with …

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