Do you ever find it hard to delegate without being frustrated with the results and the desire to redo the job yourself?

Do you aim for 100% all the time every time?

Do you constantly feel the need to improve yourself professionally?

Do you ever feel the need to accomplish everything on your own?

Do you ever worry you’ll be found out at work?

If so, you could have a touch of the impostor syndrome.

Deep down many high-achievers feel they don’t actually deserve their seat at the table.

Many of them worry about being found out or believe that their positions are the result of nothing but pure luck.

Originally a phrase coined in the ’80s with reference to high achieving female executives, in 2014, Forbes Magazine claimed The Impostor Syndrome affected up to 70% of the population- both men and women, with those in high-powered positions in business, are most likely affected.

As a Breakthrough Impostor Syndrome Coach, Linda empowers executives to ignite their own confidence and accept their seat at the table.

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