As an Educational Wellbeing Consultant, I partner with schools around the globe to support them in creating and delivering empowering, engaging and positive wellbeing programs for their students.

Every educator and every educational organization knows that a young person’s wellbeing is more important than any academic accolade, so why is wellbeing still not at the forefront of our educational establishments?

Two of the biggest challenges I’ve seen schools facing in this space are money and manpower; the money to invest in staff training and resources to support a wellbeing curriculum, and the manpower of teachers to take on another project on top of an already heavy workload.

As a solution, I offer a range of PRESS PLAY Wellbeing packages and resources specifically designed to support your staff and student’s wellbeing aims and needs. With over fourteen years of experience working in international schools and understanding the stressors young people are facing today, I will help you get wellbeing working well in your school.

My packages are based around my research and findings for my first coaching book for teenagers, PRESS PLAY, and my continuous coaching work with young people in general. PRESS PLAY itself deals with forty of the most-prevalent real-life issues our young people are facing today and provides them with a range of skills, tools, and techniques to overcome these challenges successfully and move forward confidently in their lives. Both PRESS PLAY and the 30-Day Journal can be used as the foundation for your wellbeing program or as part of your school’s wellbeing tool kit.

Contact me today at to arrange your complementary educational wellbeing consultation to find out more.

Originally from Ireland, Linda has a degree in History and Philosophy from the National University of Ireland, Galway; a Higher Diploma in Education from University College Dublin, Ireland, and a Higher Diploma in Public Relations also from University College Dublin. She has a wealth of internationally recognised NLP and coaching certifications and continues to work with teenagers and young adults as a Future Leaders Coach. A History teacher for twelve years, Linda has taught in international schools in Dublin, Doha, and Dubai.