questions to ask yourself

Just Three Powerful Questions to ask yourself

Working with a client recently and they said, Does anyone ever ask you this many questions?”
And I laughed to myself, because I do, actually- every day.

It wasn’t until I started my coach training that I really understood how powerful some questions can be. Recently I wrote about breaking the “Why Whirlpool” of questions by asking yourself better questions, and while I’m not saying these are the “Top Three Questions” at all, they are three powerful questions that I ask myself at various points of the day or during particular tasks, to keep me focused. Aim to ask yourself just one of these questions a day as part of developing greater self-awareness and self- management

1. Am I doing my best here?
Whether it’s dealing with a tough colleague, looking after a household and a full- time job, remaining patient during mental traffic or running a marathon, when things get tough, there’s no point beating yourself up, telling yourself you should be able to do more. If you can honestly say that you are doing your best here, then know that’s enough. And if you can’t answer yes to this question then what else could you possibly do?

2. What progress have I made so far?
Many of us will spend endless hours chasing a form of perfection, but what does it even mean to be “perfect” or have things “perfect”? Instead of chasing something so subjective and irrational as perfection, learn to look at the progress you have made; look at the lessons you have learned and the experience you have gained. Make it progress over perfection EVERY time.

3. What do people experience when they experience me?
A close friend of mine posed this question to me one day, when we argued over the petulant way I had chosen to deal with a fellow colleague, and it’s one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked. Thankfully, the answer I can give nowadays is very different to the answer that I gave so many years ago, when I was first asked it. So, are you a kind person? Are you caring? Are you encouraging, motivating or optimistic? Are you honest?