Just Three reasons why we should embrace silence today

As soon as my 6 beautiful nieces and nephews had left the house, my Mum sat back in her chair and breathed a sigh of relief.
Shhhhh… Just listen, Linda, she whispered
To what Mum?
Exactly, she said and smiled.

1. Silence allows greater mind-management
Ever have that feeling of having so much going on in your head that it feels like you literally have no headspace at all, and your head might actually burst? Although it still happens to me sometimes, it definitely doesn’t happen to the extent that it used to because I’ve learned which thoughts to pay attention to and which thoughts to silence. Learning to manage your mind and silence negative thoughts is a skill, which when it becomes habitual, is like absolute gold dust if you ask me. Become aware of your thoughts, allowing the unconstructive ones to simply pass you by like traffic in the street.

2. Silence can give us Answers
According to lifehack.org, a 2001 study defined a “default mode” of brain function that showed that even when the brain was “resting” it was perpetually active internalizing and evaluating information. So instead of continually searching for answers by keeping our brains active through reading, research, and discussion, perhaps taking a few minutes of quiet time to relax and switch off could provide us with the answers we’re actually looking for? As a coach, I’ve seen the power that silence can give my clients—sometimes it’s that space they’ve been craving to say what needs to be said, or that space to simply be.

3. Silence reduces stress
Last year I literally felt like I was living on a building site. With the construction going on outside our apartment, I was frequently woken up at 3 am to the sounds of trucks delivering materials and workers shouting, unloading and organizing said materials. I became agitated and angry; I became stressed. I’m not naïve enough to think we can live in a silent world and I know that noise has become a part of our every day lives from construction to coffee grinders and from traffic to TV. But research has proven that too much noise can cause stress and silence can reduce that stress. So, if silence is golden, give your day that golden touch and make even just five minutes to sit in peace and quiet.