how to live lighter

Just Three Things I’ve stopped Doing to Live Lighter

I used to think that in order to live lighter I had to start doing new things and so that’s where I put my focus, asking myself, What do I need to start doing more of? However, what I failed to realize for quite some time was the fact that my new habits weren’t really getting me where I wanted to go, simply because there were certain things I hadn’t yet stopped doing, which almost counter-acted my “new habits” as such! And so I started to look at things in my life I needed to stop doing, or things I needed to eliminate, and although I came up with a list of about 300 (!)

Here are Just Three Things which I’ve stopped doing to live lighter:

1. Blaming Others
For years I was a very angry person and blamed everyone else for how I felt, what happened in my life and what wasn’t happening too for that matter. Anything that was going wrong, I had someone to blame; my parents, my friends, my teachers, my colleagues, my boss…my dog! And why? Because it’s the easier thing to do right? But when I finally woke up to the realization that things are not going to change until I change, and that other people can’t actually be responsible for how I feel or for my actions and behaviors, it was like I finally had the control I had been looking for. Take responsibility for your actions and behaviors because no one can drive YOU crazy unless YOU give them the keys.

2. Carrying Excess Baggage
With the new hand luggage restrictions on so many airlines nowadays, it’s become even more important that we pack carefully and mindfully. And let’s be honest, excess baggage is not only cumbersome but very expensive! Clearly, I’m not giving actual luggage advice here, what I am encouraging you to do is to reflect on what you carry around with you every single day do you carry around Blame or Forgiveness? Guilt or Learnings? Hatred or Love? Anxiety or Acceptance? Because one choice will leave you free to travel light, while the other will always come at a price.

3. Seeking Perfection
Ah yes! The road to Perfection; an isolated, critical, guilt-ridden and frustration-filled journey- sounds fantastic, sign me up! Here’s the thing about perfection- it’s subjective and completely irrational, so how can you ever properly measure it? Do yourself a favor today and stop aiming for “Perfect” and aim for excellence instead. Or aim to be trustworthy, kind, honest and congruent in your behavior, because at least these are characteristics that will attract people to you and not push them away.