reasons to invest in a life coach

Three reasons to invest in a coach

Three Reasons to Invest in a coach: Self, Set, Start

I regularly get asked if I invest in coaching myself. Great question. As a coach, I believe it’s important I have coaching myself (I believe it’s important for all coaches to be coached) for a number of reasons. We never blink an eye at the fact that the world’s top athletes and CEOs have coaches, so why do some of us still think it’s a sign of weakness to hire someone to help us excel in our personal and professional lives? People who actively work with a coach set clear and compelling goals for themselves, they are better self- managers; have increased self- awareness and therefore naturally build stronger relationships. As the old African proverb goes, if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together. And coaching gets you to go further.

  1. Self

People who actively work with a coach become more self-aware and better self-managers. They enhance their level of mind management and develop a growth mindset, which encourages them to see opportunities, lessons learned and feedback as pathways to move forward to greater success. Instead of falling inwards to their egos, coaching fosters greater emotional intelligence, allowing them to naturally build stronger relationships.

  1. Set

We set goals all the time, but what percentage of us actually achieve those goals? Or how many of us set ourselves up for failure with the goals we put in place for ourselves? Working with a strong, suitable coach helps you to set clear and compelling goals for YOU -not ones you think you should have

  1. Start

In order to change, people have to know what to change, how to change and have the opportunity to change. While the role of your coach is obviously to get you from A to B, sometimes we need to find A first! Life can be completely overwhelming at times like we’re surviving and not thriving, which is why coaching is the perfect way to find your starting point so you can start thriving in life again.

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