Praise for PRESS PLAY:

Linda Bonnar has a rare mix of honesty, integrity & genuine care for those she works with. This combined with her professional attitude, passion and commitment to inspiring others – particularly young adults is a winning formula for motivational coaching and one I would highly recommend for teenagers.

Claire Peirson – Peak Performance Coach, Dubai, UAE

PRESS PLAY is an outstanding book for young adults, and I’ve never seen anything else out there quite as powerful, relevant, and life-changing for teenagers as this book. Linda infuses her humor, wisdom, and experience into the book seamlessly, and gets straight to the heart of the challenges our teenagers face today. An empowering read for teenagers and adults alike, this book invites teenagers to tap into their inner strength and resourcefulness to successfully navigate their way into adulthood.

Kira Jean, CEO of The Dreamwork Collective & Life Coach, Dubai, UAE

When Mum brought home PRESS PLAY first for me to read, I thought it was another one of those books, but I was wrong. Mrs. Bonnar, doesn’t give you any advice in the book, instead, she talks really honestly about the situations and encourages you to see things from a different perspective, she wants us to become our own coaches

Senior Student at Dubai English Speaking College

Not many adults these days will tell you about the problems they faced when they were growing up, but Linda does. I really like the way I can dip in and out of PRESS PLAY, the issues she deals with are exactly what young people like me are facing today

Dubai-based student

This book is really helpful for me to use as a parent because honestly, sometimes I have no idea what my children are going through. Linda has just helped to shine some light on these issues and encourage us to talk more openly as a family, thank you, Linda

Fatima Al Kubaisi, Parent, UAE

Hi Ms, I wanted to tell you how much I love your book. A lot of the problem is the fact that our parents or teachers don’t talk to us openly about these things, so we often keep our problems to ourselves. My friends want to have a laugh and a good time, scroll on social and not hear about my issues. But we all have them, that’s the annoying thing. I like the tools you give in the book and the questions you ask. Thanks for doing this.

Year 9 student, Jumeirah College, Dubai, UAE

This book is a rare find and a must read for all of us who fall into a negative thinking pattern that consumes our life at times. With the dominance of social media and in an age where we rely on others for affirmation of our worth, Bonnar’s book is certain to put us front and centre again – reframing our thoughts – empowering us to speak up, stand tall and set realistic and achievable goals for ourselves….this book is a sure path to personal success….so read it, consider it and reflect on it – before making IT your way of life…..

Yasmine Dannawy, Educator, Head of Senior School

The way Linda relates to young people is a skill she makes look effortless. To be able to channel all of her knowledge, experience and positivity into one book is nothing short of genius. Linda has the ability to empower the teenage mind and is the perfect person to help you change for the better.

Emma Gregory, College Counsellor, Dubai.