Best money I ever spent on myself, was working with Linda! Thanks Linda x

Linda Bonnar is a breath of fresh air. As a Professional NLP Coach, she is caring, perceptive and able to identify exactly which questions will take her clients to their personal resources. Having observed Linda assist in the MindBridge NLP Coach/Practitioner Certification Training I can testify to her insight and wisdom. This is a woman who will contribute to the lives of everyone she engages with, I am grateful to know her.

Marilou Seavey, MindBridge NLP Master Trainer & Coach

MindBridge Trainings USA & UAE

a guest speaker at our recent end of quarter event. Working within an industry that is quite intense and can be stressful at times, it was really refreshing to have insight from someone so calm and positive. Linda spoke about stress management, how to communicate effectively with clients and how to build trust, which are all really useful and relevant aspects of our work. I would definitely recommend Linda for any corporate event and hope we can have her back soon.’’ – Hamzah Shalchi, Regional Manager at Guardian Wealth Management

“Linda recently worked with my son to help him deal with exam anxiety before his A-Levels. We signed up with Linda for a set of 5 sessions which were an absolute God- send! I think as a Mum I was probably not helping the situation and maybe increasing my son’s stress, so having someone like Linda come in and work with my son was incredibly helpful. Linda gave my son techniques to deal with not only exam anxiety, but to deal with other areas of conflict present in his life at the time. As a parent it can be hard to admit we don’t have all the answers, but with Linda there is no judgement of any kind, just facts and steps on how to move forward. If your son/daughter is struggling, I highly recommend you meet with Linda”

I actually had no idea what a life coach did until I met Linda and now I recommend her to all my colleagues! I really thought that coaching was all about giving people advice and pointing them in the right direction, how wrong I was. I initially had a one-off session with Linda a few months ago and now I see her regularly whenever something “pops up”. Linda has a wonderful calming presence about her, yet she’s incredibly pragmatic at the same time, asking, “OK, what do we need to do now?” Linda’s an excellent coach.

Making the call to Linda was one of the best decisions I have ever made, however, I was initially very reluctant to do so. On the surface, and to onlookers, I appeared to have no real problems. The whole experience taught me that telling yourself to “get a grip” is not a strategy that works if you have issues you want to tackle – it’s often what friends who don’t have the answers (or patience to really help) will tell you. The good news is that Linda WILL help you to find the answers through a number of strategies to help clarify your thoughts and to move you forward. Linda is an inspiring individual who will not judge at any point, has genuine care for your progression and is ultra committed to her task in “helping” you – she has certainly found her calling in life.

There is often a stigma attached to “seeking help” or “life coaching” and I’ll admit that I used to be one of those judgers too – all I can say is I now realise how wrong I was and thanks to Linda I now feel happier than I have ever been and in control of life. However small or significant you might think a problem is, if it is causing you to feel troubled then it is a problem and it can be dealt with. I cannot thank Linda enough for the help that she gave to me. My advice – call her – what’s the worst that could happen?

Linda is an amazing woman to work with. She never puts words in your mouth, gets you to work out the way forward yourself and never passes judgement. This makes you feel normal and also a higher sense of achievement all round as you see improvements in your life. It’s all about action with Linda – as it should be. She will give you many techniques to work through your issues and support you along the way. All clients need to realize that hard work and commitment from within is always going to be required though if you are to change things in your life for the better.

I asked Linda to work with my daughter while she was going through a hard time at school and I’m delighted I did. My daughter was suffering from very low self-esteem and had  recently been bullied. Linda taught my daughter how to begin working on controlling her negative thought cycle and begin to look at things more rationally and logically. It wasn’t just talking about her issues that helped my daughter (and Linda could relate to her issues very well, which helped  even more)  but it was the tasks and activities that she provided also that really helped my daughter to move on. Knowing Linda’s own History, she is a wonderful role model to young girls today and  I would highly recommend her as someone to work with young people also.

“At times of crisis it’s so amazing to feel healed and to sleep again. Linda helped more than she’ll know when too many things piled on my shoulders. We dealt with the heavy burden of guilt I’d carried without knowing it’s source for decades as well as a whole host of unnecessary memories and emotions. Getting rid of them would have been impossible had I not trusted Linda and I did, immediately, through her empathetic and encouraging style of coaching/ counselling. After two sessions I felt liberated and with a new lease of life, went on the trip of a lifetime and dealt with family issues whilst feeling more secure and happy than I had in a very long time. I would recommend her to anyone and am about to book her up myself for the other skeletons in my closet that are ready to be dumped!”

“Initially sceptical, I was immediately put at ease by the highly professional and informative approach from Linda. She offered a great opportunity to find out how I could approach my problems from a completely different angle than I had before. I can honestly say that I have never looked back since. I have not only overcome short term hurdles but identified a path for longer term happiness. If you are reading this then the only piece of advice I will give, is to make the call. I honestly do not think you will be disappointed. Many thanks for your help Linda, it has allowed me to consider so many other opportunities and for that I am truly grateful.”

“Linda is approachable and easy to talk to. Right from the start I felt at ease and relieved that she was going to offer me the solutions I needed in my life.  When I left the session, I felt like a black cloud had lifted and that I could see the world through new eyes. Linda offers pragmatic and simple solutions to what feel like insurmountable problems, giving you the strength to take control of your life once more!I went into work the next day full of positivity and was amazed at how I suddenly started looking for the good in everything and everyone around me, instead of the bad. Every good thing I felt and did escalated my feelings of being back in control and being happy and excited about my future.”

I’ve learnt a lot from the course as a whole as the entire concept of Emotional Intelligence was entirely new to me. I’ve particularly enjoyed the workshops on empathy and motivation as well as stress management as I discovered new things I could do to improve my daily life. The course has also given me ideas and skills that I then was able to share with others and use in order to help people around me who turned to me for support and guidance

I sought Linda’s help while having to deal with a multitude of personal and work issues. She helped me to think things through. Made me prioritize what was most important and helped me to set future goals. As a result of working with Linda I already feel more calm and relaxed which has helped in both my personal life and work environment. Linda is empathetic, understanding, sensitive and helpful but also firm when needed. She has an extremely addictive positive attitude that certainly radiates  ….. She is better than any prescribe able happy drug!!! I plan to continue to work with Linda. I truly believe when faced with a multitude of stressful situations everyone needs a life coach in their life!!! …… Everyone needs ‘Linda’ in their life!!

“Mrs Bonnar, I want to thank you for the assembly you did recently on Mental Health. Although the assembly was short, it was very inspiring and I think you were very brave to share your story.  After the assembly I made the time to reflect on my own life and I know the changes I have to make. Your words encouraged me to be more grateful every day in my life and to realise that I don’t’ have to be “perfect” rather, I should aim to be excellent and putting my best efforts in is actually enough. You have inspired me to be more mindful and I thank you for that”

“Hi Linda, Just a note of appreciation for  your excellent professional development session entitled ‘The Importance of Feedback’, which you delivered this week. The staff who had the opportunity to attend found it useful, as you provided simple, yet effective techniques that we could all start using there and then. You’ve definitely reminded me personally about how I go about engaging with not just my colleagues, but our students too. You clearly put a lot of time and effort into this program, Thank you”

“I had reached a point in my life where I had no direction, my work was the main part of my life and I was emotionally drained. I knew I needed to change something but I didn’t know what and I didn’t know how.  What is different about Linda is that she gave me strategies on how to deal with my anxiety, strategies that are applicable to everyday life. The support she offered both during the sessions and outside of the sessions kept me on track and showed me that Linda really cares. After 5 weeks with Linda I already feel so much better about myself. I have a work/life balance which has had a positive impact on the rest of my life. I am now equipped with the strategies and resources I need to deal with any anxiety. At some point in everyone’s life they need someone to speak to. Linda is confidential, professional and caring. For me, it was a life changing experience.”

“I had my first exam today, and I felt so much calmer about it than I thought I would. And I honestly think so much of that is down to you; my life is the exact same as when I came to see you, only it’s just so much lighter in a sense that your advice has really really helped me. Even simple things like saying a mantra and telling myself that I can do whatever I’m facing that day, or just sitting and taking some deep breaths, or simply controlling what I can control and accepting what I can’t.”